New Law Limits Freedom in China

New regulations may limit the religious freedom for millions of Chinese Christians – and for many of the numerous expatriates working there.

No one really knows the overall consequences of the new regulations that were enforced on February 1st.The first draft of the new directives was criticized by many religious leaders around the world when they were made public in 2016. Several leaders, both inside and outside China, have voiced their concerns about the final version as well. One of them is pastor Wan Yi in Early Rain Church in Changdu. Continue reading

Make Pentecost a Day for the Unreached

An alliance for the unreached people groups will make Pentecost a day with a special focus on those who have not yet had a chance to hear about Jesus.

The first Pentecost marked the beginning of the gospel going to the farthest corners of the earth. Imagine a revived movement of believers reaching the hardest corners of the earth for Christ until all have heard the only message that can give lasting hope, writes the Alliance for the Unreached on its website. Continue reading

New Online Tentmaker Training Launches

Tent International has launched an online training program for tentmakers and tentmakers-to-be. The program, which is named “GO Discover” will help people to uncover more of their God-given design and calling.

It is a joy to launch this program. We believe that GO Discover will enable people to see more of their higher calling and what God´s purpose for their lives may be. GO Discover is an important add-on to the GO Equipped courses Global Intent and Tent International have been running around the world, says Tent International´s director, Steinar Opheim. Continue reading