Spying out the land – India

  On the second half of 2018, Rebeca had the wonderful experience to have a dream come true: she went to explore the land God has set in her heart. The young biomedical professional spent a month in Northern India, studying and improving her English skills as part of her training before moving and working there in the near future. Rebeca told us about her time in India:


“I saw a significantly different culture, I was immersed for a whole month; I was able to build relationships with the Indian people, and experience the Indian English and Hindi too. Also I met people who have never heard of Jesus. Continue reading

The birth of a tentmaker mobilizer

In November twenty years ago, a very hesitant former tentmaker was asked to make a presentation at a missions event in Kangasala, Finland. With a few projector overheads in the bag, he drove in the dark Nordic fall on snow-covered roads in a borrowed car.

Retired Missionaries Convention

As he pulled into the event parking lot, he saw a huge banner which said Retired Missionaries Convention. This must be a joke, he thought. These people were traditional missionaries to their core, and a much younger man was about to make a presentation to them about using one’s profession to go as a missionary, without the need for raising money or for missions school before leaving. They’ll eat me alive! He thought. Continue reading

You’ve got this!

SmyrnakyrkanEarly on in my tentmaking mobilization career most opportunities to share about it came without warning or time for preparation.

The first time was when I attended a missions conference, Onådda Folket (unreached peoples) in Gothenburg Sweden. I had been sent there to observe and learn how they promoted tentmaking. Before the conference started, I met with the tentmaker track coordinators and speakers for lunch.

We all worked together to setup the room for sixteen people, complete with a Ramlösa sparkling water bottles and bananas for every seat. Continue reading