Is It OK for Missionaries to Go Undercover?

That was the title given to a radio program I was asked to participate in last December. The program was called “Up for Debate” and the purpose was to discuss the pros and cons of tentmaking. The title was an unfortunate mis-characterization of tentmaking. It did, however, reveal some interesting issues for discussion.

The term missionary is a poor choice of words when discussing tentmakers because of all the baggage it carries with it. Continue reading

AUTHENTIC LIVES: Overcoming the Problem of Hidden Identity in Outreach to Restrictive Nations

By Thomas Hale III, William Carey Library, 2016

A BOOK REVIEW by Phill Sandahl:

Should believers lie, or use deception, in order to take the gospel to restrictive or hostile countries? This is an issue that comes up frequently in discussions of tentmaking. I have faced strong believers who argue passionately on both sides of this debate. Each claims biblical support for their point of view.

Authentic Lives tackles this topic with more depth and insight than I have seen before. Continue reading