Invitation to submit articles

  • Anyone with ideas or experiences to share about tentmaking is invited to submit materials to be published.
  • Typical content themes
    • Case studies & stories of experiences
    • Best practices
    • Issues and conflicts
    • Tools & techniques
    • How to…
    • Practical rather than theoretical
  • Guidelines for submission. Only articles which fit the guidelines will be considered for publication.
    • Biblical
    • Respectful
    • Edify and contribute to the development of the tentmaking community
    • Reasoned. Support your position.
    • 300 – 800 words
  • How to submit material. Send your article or idea to the editorial committee at The article will be reviewed for fit and you will be contacted. Include your name, the company or organization you work with, and any additional contact information. Your name will not be published unless you request us to do it. You may publish under a pseudonym if you like, but we need to know your legal name for our records.

Invitation to comment

  • In the future we want to open this forum up to moderated discussions of the material presented.
  • Readers are encouraged to send their comments supporting, or challenging, the article following the same guidelines as are sued for article submission.