From Africa to Jerusalem

Tentmaking is a tool that God has given us to reach the whole world in these end-times, says the organizer of this week’s tentmaking course in Nigeria. Photo: Istockphoto

Many African Christians are ready to suffer for Christ and his Kingdom when they bring the Gospel through North Africa and back to Jerusalem.

The Chinese “Back to Jerusalem”-movement is well-known for its commitment to lead people to Jesus and plant churches along the former Silk Road between China and the Middle East. Continue reading

What went wrong with the World Watch List?

Saudi-Arabia or Nigeria? Where do you think this picture was taken? The answer is Nigeria. The current World Watch List from Open Doors does however indicate that it is more dangerous to be a Christian in Nigeria than in Saudi-Arabia. Foto: Steinar Opheim

Open Doors is an important advocate for the persecuted church. The organization´s World Watch List is a powerful tool that brings attention to those who suffer for their faith in Jesus. The list will however lose its status unless Open Doors changes the way it is made. Continue reading