Tentmaking Today is an independent publication of the worldwide tentmaking movement. It is published by an editorial team which also solicits articles from writers who have an interest in tentmaking. 

Our purpose: to serve the global tentmaking community in three ways

Promote awareness about the role of tentmaking and tentmakers in making Jesus known. To show that every believer can, and must, share his faith in the course of everyday activities and work. It is not a voacation reserved for professional religious workers.

Educate the church about the best practices for tentmaking and how God is reaching the lost through tentmakers.

Encourage believers to consider becoming tentmakers and to encourage tentmakers that their work is not in vain.

Who we are: Tentmaking Today belongs to the worldwide tentmaking community. It is not governed by any one agency. An editorial committee of tentmakers have set up this site as a service to the tentmaking community. It is our hope that tentmakers from many different faith traditions and backgrounds will find it helpful and will contribute  material to the publication for the benefit of all and for the Glory of God.

Frequency: Tentmaking Today will publish 2-3 short articles each month.

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Guest contributors: We invite article submissions from those involved in tentmaking mobilization, training and mentoring. Stories from tentmakers would be especially welcome! See submission guidelines here.

History: Tentmaking Briefs was launched on March 2009 by Global Opportunities, now Global Intent.

Readers from 195 countries have made it the most widely read publication on tentmaking. See map.

In September 2017, it was relaunched as Tentmaking Today, a monthly independent eJournal for the worldwide tentmaking movement.

Contact info: For general information and questions write to info@tentmaking.today. For submissions, or questions about article submissions write to submit@tentmaking.today.