Welcome to the launch edition of Tentmaking Today!

We are very excited to announce the relaunch of the former Tentmaking Briefs as an independent e-Journal for the worldwide tentmaking movement.

TMB was launched in March of 2009 and quickly became the most widely read publication dedicated to tentmaking – since then, it has gained thousands of subscribers, and people from 195 countries have visited the website.

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What can you do to change this map?

If you had worked as the global sales manager for Coca-Cola this map would have been unacceptable.

Let us just imagine that you have worked as sales manager for a company aiming to reach the whole world with its products. The red dots represent each place you have yet failed to get to – even if you have had more than enough time to build your presence. Now you are up for a meeting with the CEO. You know that he is not happy with the situation even if he loves you. You also know that when the CEO zooms on this map there is nothing you can say to defend the results it shows. Continue reading