Myths and Misconceptions about Tentmaking

There are people who are confused about tentmaking. The term is not commonly used in everyday conversations. I once had a lady call the office so excited when she saw the announcement about our tentmaker training. She said I have looked all over and this is the first place I have found a conference to teach how to make camping equipment. Clearly in her excitement she had called before reading the course description. Continue reading

Tentmaker as Disciple-Maker

Matthew records at the end of his Gospel the commission Jesus gave to his followers – Go and make disciples. The Great Commission is the universal calling for all believers. God sent Jesus to teach us all God wanted us to know and then Jesus commissions the subsequent generations of followers to imitate his example.

The Bible tells us Jesus was the very Word of God. He taught us not only in word, but he modeled in deed what we are to do. Just as he selected and trained a band of disciples, we are called to do the same. Continue reading