Where Do I Go for Training?

We have a TAB for that.

Tentmaking Today has added a new feature to our web page to help with that. You can now access the tab EVENTS from the main menu or just use the URL http://tentmaking.today/events to jump directly to a calendar of training opportunities around the world.

What are you looking for:

  • A better understanding of what tentmaking is.
  • An answer to the question “Is tentmaking for me?”
  • How do I prepare to be an effective tentmaker?
  • An opportunity to talk with experienced tentmakers.
  • What are the best practices for tentmaking that others have discovered the hard way?

One of the events is right for you.

Tentmaking Today is open to the entire tentmaking community. We want it to be a resource for tentmakers regardless of organizational affiliation. The more events we share from different sources the more people we can serve.

The calendar is a work in progress. You are invited to send in suggestions on how to make it more useful for you. If you know of an event that is not listed, please contact Tentmaking Today with the details so it can be added to the listing. Send your information to submit@tentmaking.today.

Tentmaker event organizers are invited to send in links to their events. They will be added to the list to help get the word out about additional opportunities.

By Phill Sandahl