5 Reasons Why Tentmaking Needs an eJournal?

1.  Shared community – when groups of people have a shared vision or passion for what they are doing they improve their craft by hanging out with people of similar interests. Knowing there are other like-minded people motivates us to work together.

2. Learn from each others common experiences – each tentmaker has unique context and experiences. But they also have may experiences in common. Learning best practices from those who have gone before helps one to become more effective faster and saves the pain of learning the hard lessons others have already experienced.

3. Encouragement and inspiration – as part of a community we draw inspiration and encouragement from our fellow sojourners. We are not alone. We can be encouraged seeing how God has helped others in similar circumstances and it emboldens us to move forward.

4. Embrace all forms of tentmaking – whether a teacher, engineer, or an entrepreneur doing Business as mission, there are many different parts to the Body of Christ. Seeing how tentmakers are part of the larger movement of God in the world helps us learn to appreciate each other and glorify our Father.

5. Tentmaking Today will help you be a better disciple-maker and tentmaker.

You should participate in the Tentmaking Today community, if     

  • You are a tentmaker
  • You are thinking about becoming a tentmaker
  • You are a returned tentmaker with valuable experiences to share
  • You know a tentmaker you support and encourage
  • You are a church leader helping your members to be effective disciple-makers and capture a vision for tentmaking as
  • You are a believer who just wants to know what God is doing around the world.          

Submit articles about your experiences or lessons learned.

Tell your friends. The more participation and points of view the better the eJournal will become.

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By Phill Sandahl

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