New Online Tentmaker Training Launches

Tent International has launched an online training program for tentmakers and tentmakers-to-be. The program, which is named “GO Discover” will help people to uncover more of their God-given design and calling.

It is a joy to launch this program. We believe that GO Discover will enable people to see more of their higher calling and what God´s purpose for their lives may be. GO Discover is an important add-on to the GO Equipped courses Global Intent and Tent International have been running around the world, says Tent International´s director, Steinar Opheim.

Module based

GO Discover consists of six modules. Each module has a new focus and lasts for eight weeks. The participants will amongst others study and develop their God-given design, focus on God´s mission and explore a people group that God has put on their mind. The participants will be followed-up by Tent´s mentors as they move along.

The online format makes it possible to form study groups with people from different parts of the world. We believe that this will give a lot of joy and enhance the cross-cultural learning, says Opheim.

Flexible start-dates

The first GO Discover course started December 4th. The entire group of students are from Brazil, so the course is run in Portuguese. The first course in English will start March 12. After that new groups will be formed as people register.

The price for the program will differ from nation to nation. People from the Western world will pay US$ 30 per month. Those who register for the pilot course in English starting March 12, will get a 50 percent discount.

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By Steinar Opheim

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